Jamaican Foodlosophy?

boswell-s-jamaican-foodYou might wonder what in the world I mean by foodlosophy? And why would it matter that the foodlosophy (whatever that means) be Jamaican?

I was introduced to the term foodlosophy a few months ago at a food systems panel during my college’s Homecoming weekend. All the panelists were asked to share their ‘foodlosophy,’ i.e. what they believed food should be.

Here, I’ll use that definition of the term, as well as one I’ve coined myself – food + philosophy. Food, because my impetus for starting this blog was to share food tidbits, and philosophy, because  sometimes we just need a moment to ponder life, to think about the what, why and how of what we do.

As for the Jamaican aspect of things, before I am many things, I am Jamaican. However, living in the US for the past four years hasn’t allowed me access to many things Jamaican. I’ve learned so many things about the US food system, yet I don’t know much about my own. Moreover, I have to consider the impact that the US food system is having on the Jamaican food system, how the culture here impacts the culture of my home. As such, I’ll endeavor to share Jamaican culture, Jamaican food and my thoughts on the intersections both food systems and cultures as much as I can.

So, what’s Jamaica’s foodlosophy?

Anything we eat must be finger-licking good, to the point where you want to lick the plate 🙂 AND it has to be filling. Well seasoned, flavorful meals with starches, protein (usually meat or beans) and veggies are our thing 🙂 .


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