Pancake Day

So, I’m late on Pancake Day 😦 . But, this morning I was hungry, had the ingredients, and was remembering all the delicious looking pancake photos from yesterday. So I made pancakes! Big thanks to Chef John from Here’s the recipe:


Aren’t the delicious-looking? 🙂 Taste-wise though,they were good, not great, mostly because I did some fiddling with the recipe (tsk tsk, I know).

Firstly, I used locally grown and ground organic flour. And while that’s awesome, Chef John used normal all-purpose flour, so I had to adjust the consistency of the batter, and that’s when things got sticky.

I added about 2-3 more tablespoons of milk to thin the batter out a bit. Mistake. I probably should’ve just added 1 tablespoon of milk, and I definitely should’ve used an actual measuring spoon, instead of relying on my dubious hand-eye coordination.

To top it all off, I loaded the batter with cinnamon. Mistake II. I love cinnamon, but I should’ve learned by now that a little goes a long way. I should really start using measuring spoons for spices and seasonings! And Mistake III, I didn’t have any maple syrup on hand 😦 .

Still, they were pretty good, and I’ll eat ’em all!!! What did I learn from this food experience? Use measuring tools more often until you’re used to ‘judging it.’


One thought on “Pancake Day

  1. Away with that narrow-minded trend. Women can do just as well a men in the kitchen, and you are right, why shouldn’t they since from time memorial they raised families with finesse from the kitchen. Jsey


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