What food, coding, kiddies, proofreading & social media have in common

Don’t you love that moment when you look at your seemingly disconnected array of pursuits, and a pattern begins to emerge?

I was recently thinking about my stack of all-over-the-place-ness, which I’ve expounded a bit about on this blog, and came to an interesting conclusion about where it seems my life is headed.

Let me explain:

I returned to Jamaica in May after working at Blue Hill in N.Y. and since then I’ve had several plans and expressions of interest to hire me fall through for some reason or another. So I’ve been either sitting at home or volunteering, thinking always how I can turn any of my pursuits into revenue streams. I decided to start an editing, proofreading and feedback business and start freelancing as a writer/ editor/ proofreader but for that I needed a website. And with a website, of course, you need to have an online presence: cue learning more about social media management and online community building. In learning more about social media, I came across Skillcrush – an online community where anyone can learn to code. Learning to code is on my bucket list and I didn’t have a reason not to learn, so I signed up for their free 10-day bootcamp and am working on learning HTML and CSS.

So, here I am, volunteering at Ujima Natural Farmers’ Market every other week, running around with kiddies at various day camps, trying to get clients for my business, maintaining an online presence and building a brand through social media, learning to code, reading tonnes of great articles about everything from social media management to apps that help you improve your productivity, and not getting paid for any of it.

I asked myself ‘what’s the point of all of it? What’s the connection? Why does it seem like I’m all of over the place?’

Then I realized that the most engaging moments I’ve had in recent memory have been helping others to tell their story and telling my own.

While at Kalamazoo College (K), I was a Writing Consultant and Career Associate, helping anyone who came through the door to communicate their stories, their ideas and the best of themselves. Additionally, a big part of the work I was doing around food at K was about facilitating an exchange of stories among local farmers, food system members & stakeholders, and the college community.

While at Blue Hill, my most engaging moments and the best part of my job was sharing the stories of the food & Stone Barns farmers with guests. Even coming home, I’ve been learning so much about our food system and attempting to find ways to share all these stories with other Jamaicans and the world.

I think I can say that I’m finding a pattern: maybe storytelling is my life’s work. (Wow, what a grandiose statement!) Whether I do that through the written word, food, social media or website development & design, it seems I’m bound to this one way or another. I’m loving that idea. 🙂

‘Till next time,

Walk good.


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